About Corium 21

The Secret to Beautiful Healthier Skin

Corium 21 contains only genuine Barbadenzis Miller Aloe, the species with the most potent healing properties in the world. Nothing else compares. But the reason you can expect such fast, dramatic results goes even deeper.

Corium 21 Absorbs 7 Layers Deep

It's reassuring to know that Corium 21 is 100% safe as your skin will drink it up! Reaching an amazing seven layers deep, the pure Aloe Vera in Corium 21 softens your skin, dilates the tiny capillaries to increase circulation (which carries away toxins) and stimulates and repairs your skin at the cellular level. Corium 21 penetrates so quickly and deeply into the skin that it cannot be washed off.

The Miracle of Aloe for Beautiful, Healthier Skin

Science is now proving what naturalists have known throughout the ages: natural aloe vera contains six antiseptic agents that fight infections, three analgesics to reduce pain and at least three anti-inflammatory agents. Even Psoriasis sufferers who have "tried it all" report spectacular results with Corium 21. Order today!

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Please send mail orders with check or money order payable to "The Miracle of Aloe" to:

Corium 21 For Dry Skin
3653 Brant Street
San Diego, CA 92103

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